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At Securra, we are driven by the goal of democratizing and delivering Trusted, Intelligent Healthcare Anytime Anywhere for everyone.


Constant chronic diseases without a comprehensive & personalized treatment plan is something all of could relate to. We at Securra are building a large fully integrated remote patient monitoring platform to ensure everyone gets a treatment plan they deserve and the attention they deserve.

We at Securra have the will, the drive and the think tank to build a platform that would navigate the complex web of healthcare and solve real world problems – siloed data sets, ever-evolving regulatory landscapes, rapidly advancing bio-sensors, large sunk costs towards existing infrastructure.

Securra’s integrated platform is of great help in ensuring we provide coordinated care by gaining real-time insights on treatment adherence, efficacy, and care program’s progress.

Dr. Manish Kohli

Dr. Manish Kohli

CEO, Beyond Horizon Health

Securra is a tremendous value-add for our practice, especially in the COVID-19 era. The services help our team scale coordination of care to those who need it the most!!

Dr. Steve Tucker

Dr. Steve Tucker

Preventive Oncologist, Singapore

Marketing is used to create, keep and satisfy customers. With the customer as the focus of its activities, marketing is one of the premier components of modern business.

Robert Smith

Robert Smith

Startup Owner

We very strongly believe curiosity and an obsession with the problem is a super-power. That’s the superpower and the super environment we are building and we don’t think there is any other way to change the world.

If you believe in the power of technology and our mission, we already like you a lot and we would be glad to have a conversation with you. We at Securra have a strong bias for action and meritocracy – if you are curious, empathetic and evidencable work ethic, we can offer you a great atmosphere and a highly ambitious and intellectual peer group in return for exchange of your precious time and trust.

Join a workplace that prioritizes your growth.

Building a hyper personalized virtual care program platform for real world use cases is a complex interdisciplinary endeavor and we need highly motivated individuals from across functions.

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