Securra Sugar Care Program

Carefully curated program powered by continuous remote monitoring of blood sugar, blood pressure, body weight, activity, sleep and stress levels

How Securra’s sugarcare program works?

  • The Securra Sugar Care Program approaches diabetes management using advanced technology.
  • We manage patient’s health information using an app and comprises a personalized kit of smart devices (IoT & BLE) that are FDA approved for accuracy!
  • You can now measure your vitals such as blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, sleep pattern and activity, right at home using the Securra Kit

Your dedicated team of
Doctor, Nutritionist & Coach

Highlights of Securra App

World Class

Globally renowed team of health professionals

Advanced Technology

Bring acclaimed future-forward technology to your home

Accurate Readings

FDA approved smart devices powered by IoT & BLE

24/7 Monitoring

Imporve treatment adherence and effectiveness

Your own Plan

Care program tailored exculsively for you

Comfort of home

Teleconsult with professionals from the comfort of your home

Meet our team of the
best in Diabetes Care

With world renowned Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Nutritionists and Wellness Coaches, Securra redefines prevention and management of Diabetes, with unique and personalized care pathways.

Providing value-based care using continuous insights & pre-emptive advice, coupled with real-time SOS support in case of medical contingencies, Securra Sugar Care paves way for simplified Diabetes Care.

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