a) In your home page click on the Appointments from the menu below.

c) In the following Appointment screen, click the add button ‘⊞’ at the top right corner of screen.

d) Select whom you need an appointment with from the options provided and click ‘REQUEST APPOINTMENT’ button below.

e)When the request is accepted and appointment is scheduled, the appointment will appear in the appointments page.

Appointments can also be requested by clicking on the Request for an appointment from the home screen

You can cancel or reschedule an appointment either in the home screen or in the appointments tab, 5mins prior to the scheduled consultation time, by pressing the ‘Cancel’ or ‘Re-Schedule’ button. Once the time lapses, the buttons change to Join now. You can only join the consultation at this point. Only the consulting healthcare provider can cancel the call thereafter.

a) If appointment is cancelled by patient, then the doctor/admin/allied healthcare professionals are notified through their portal.

b) If appointment is cancelled by doctor/admin/ allied healthcare professionals, then the patient gets notified through SMS as well as in the Appointments section against the particular appointment.

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