a) Click the Care Program button at the bottom of home page.

b) Click the Medical button and click on ‘Upload Document’ button

c) Browse and choose file to be uploaded.

d) The file uploads in a few moment and is available on the screen.

a) Click the Care Program button on home page.

b) Click on ‘Prescription’ from the list of buttons on top.

b) Click on the required prescription(s) to open and view

The Relationship Manager (RM) guides the user while using the Securra Care programmes like for onboarding , device connection, subscription, connecting with healthcare personnels etc.

If you have any issues with payment or device integration, or if you wish to discontinue the care programme you can contact the Relationship Manager(RM).

If you have any health-related queries or to change any meal plan you can contact the health coach.

Yes, you can chat with your doctors and other allied health professionals through the Chat option.

At the appointed time, you can see a Join Now button on the particular appointment. Click it to join the consultation.