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Enabling world-class healthcare anytime & anywhere!

Using the Securra platform, Doctors and Health Practitioners can monitor patients remotely, improve clinical outcomes, enhance care giver excellence and payor acceptance, through a virtually co-ordinated care network. Securra brings to you a holistic virtual healthcare setup in a unified platform.

With FDA approved smart devices (IoT & BLE) at the Edge, the Securra platform is a 100% HIPAA compliant intelligent and connected platform for Doctors and Health practitioners to instantly adopt NextGen Remote Patient Monitoring, Virtual ER (triaging support), EHR, Patient Management, etc.

Remote Care Program

Stay in control of Diabetes

Securra Sugar Care is a data-driven & digitally delivered, personalized care program curated by some of the world’s leading Diabetologists & Endocrinologists. Download the App and get your Smart Sugar Care device kit, for advanced diabetes management plans using lifestyle medicine and remote monitoring.

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Securra brings to you an all-in-one comprehensive setup. We invite you to explore innovative tech to deliver futuristic healthcare to your patients.

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Here’s What Securra’s Doctors Say

I liked working with these creative guys, who know everything about quality design, innovations, and usability. Thank you for your hard work, we are definitely coming back for more!

Dr. Manish Kohli

Dr. Manish Kohli

CEO, Beyond Horizon Health

What a great way to start your own company, an agency or an online store! With these guys you will be able to implement all your ideas in real life, an app or a website. Thanks a lot!

Dr. Usha Sriram

Dr. Usha Sriram

Endocrinologist, ENDOPRO

I had so much fun working with your technical specialists on my business project that we will be coming back soon for more productive ideas and designs! Highly recommend you to everyone.

Dr. Steve Tucker

Dr. Steve Tucker

Preventive Oncologist, Singapore

Securra is Constantly Evolving. Stay Tuned

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