Features of Securra Connect

Securra Connect is an initiative by Securra to help doctors move to 100%
online telemedicine

Guidelines Compliant

Seamless Connectivity,
Need not download any App

Remote Consultation

Ensure Safety of

Access to Command
Center Triaging

Online Appointment

Connect with
Qualified Doctors

Upkeep Social

anytime, anywhere,

from any device

Securra Connect is a 100% web based application – we can help you get started with tele-consultation in no time at all.

Secure &


Securra Connect takes privacy very seriously and we are 100% compliant with GoI MCI & NITI Telemedicine Guidelines (Mar 25, 2020)

Online Appointment

Scheduling & Precriptions

Setup appointments for patients and start online video consultations right away.

Tele-consultation is the need

of the hour

In times of COVID-19 pandemic, Securra Connect is a Free-for-all platform which helps in safe social distancing

Benefits of Securra Connect

Securra Connect is aimed at bridging the distance between doctors and patients. Especially during the current COVID pandemic, tele-consultation ensure safety!


 Business Continuity & Revenue

 Fully Compliant Tele-Consulting

 Insulate Against COVID-19


 Keep Hospitals COVID-free

 Ensure Business Continuity

 Enhanced Ability to Scale


 Maintain Social Distancing

 Connect with Qualified Doctors

 Schedule Online Appointments


Securra is a pioneering healthcare technology company committed to the mission of providing intelligent and proactive health & wellness, to global communities. Leveraging best-in-breed computing solutions and advanced AI techniques, Securra aims to transform the healthcare landscape by bringing connected, continuous and collaborative care to your doorsteps.


Device-agnostic at the edge with real-time data streaming for monitoring & alerting.


24x7x365 patient vitals monitoring – ML & AI to predict incidents like MACE


Cloud-based, context-aware integration of device signals into clinical workflows


Codified expertise to improve decision making and clinical outcomes

Bridging the expertise gap to enable world-class healthcare anytime & anywhere, to monitor patients remotely, improve clinical outcomes, enhance care giver excellence and payor acceptance through a virtual coordinated care network.

Features of Securra

Securra ConnectTM

A cloud-based solution tele-consultation platform aimed at connecting doctors and patients at a global level.

Securra StoreTM

An e-commerce store for superior healthcare and wellness products. Securra store will provide WearTel devices and sophisticated monitoring equipment to help doctors stay connected with patients in real time.

Securra MonitorTM

A remote patient monitoring solution using IoT and BLE devices that nurture a smart healthcare environment.

Securra PredictTM

Leveraging Cognitive AI and human-like reasoning, we leave conventional AI far behind to bring to you Expert-in-a Box.

Meet the Securra Doctors

Meet the team of doctors pioneering the initiative of online video tele-consultation using Securra Connect.

Establishing a world-class
network of Doctors.

Refer patients to your peers from within the portal and collaborate with doctors from around the globe!


We got you coverd, check those faq
if its not there just ask us.

  • What are the system requirements to use the platform?
  • Is your platform compliant with tele-medicine guidelines?
  • Can I cancel scheduled appointments?
  • How can I accept payments from patients?
What are the system requirements to use the platform?

The platform is 100% cloud-based and requires no downloads. Any device (phone or laptop or tab) with a decent camera, mic and 3G internet connectivity will do.

Is your platform compliant with tele-medicine guidelines?

SecurraConnect uses 128-bit encryption for security and is designed to be compliant with HIPAA and Telemedicines Guidelines by Govt. of India.

Can I cancel scheduled appointments?

Of course you can! Cancellation notifications will be promptly sent out with option to request reschedule.

How can I accept payments from patients?

Currently payments must be collected using bank transfers only. In our next version, you will be able to manage payments within the portal itself.

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